As Hurricane Irene skirts by us today, this becomes a perfect day to paint inside with no beautiful weather distractions.  The website is pretty much finished except for a new logo which should appear early next week.

Painting with pastels is what I know best, so my blog entries will focus on various aspects of making art with pastels.  My first entry, maybe later today, will be about the pastels themselves.  I’ll discuss types and brands and various other tools available to the pastelist, some of which are pretty cool.  In later posts, I’ll talk about the various types of surfaces I use.  I’ll show you some works in progress, and I’ll also do some video showing some of the techniques I use.  In addition, I do my own framing, so I’ll have some discussions on that.

This painting is done on PastelMat, one of my favorite surfaces.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions that I can about making art with pastels.