I’m a painter, not a blogger.  But every now and then, my plan is to post an article that provides some information on my painting and/or framing processes.  I don’t put every painting on my website because I paint a lot!  But maybe I’ll just post some here to show my latest work.  Or maybe I’ll create some slideshows.  Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see here about pastels.  Thanks for reading!

Making Your Own Frames

  Here's what my standard framing looks like. Because pastels must be framed under glass (or plexiglass) and framing is SO expensive, I decided early on that I would learn to do my own framing and invest in framing equipment and tools.  I have found it to be extremely...

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Cool Tools

There are a few tools that I use for various purposes that I think are pretty useful.  Some are shown here. Viewfinders The gray square viewfinder is called a Viewcatcher.  You can set the opening to be various sizes, 11" x 14", 12" x 16", etc.  This is great for...

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Pastel Storage

This is my pastel box that I use on a daily basis when I'm painting.  It is a Heilman box, which is the best pastel box made, in my opinion.  As do most pastelists, I think it's important to arrange pastels in a logical order.  This box has six sections, so I have set...

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