Tarcoles Bank

11″ x 14″  pastel on paper

This painting was created based on a photo I took from a boat on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica.  The scenery along the river was beautiful, as were the crocodiles sunning themselves along the bank!

Out in the Country

18″ x 24″ pastel on paper

This painting was created, as are many of my paintings, from an image in my head.  I choose a palette, do an underpainting, and start painting.  I let the painting take me where it wants to go.

Backyard Sunrise

21″ x 27″ pastel on paper

This painting was created from a photo of one of the many spectacular sunrises I am privileged to see from my back porch.  One of the main reasons I bought this house was for this view.

Savanna's Swamp

12″ x 18″  pastel on paper

This painting was inspired by a view from dry land in the Savanna Preserve State Park in Martin and St. Lucie Counties in Florida.  After following a dirt trail for quite a distance, I found myself overlooking a beautiful swampy area.  More paintings to come from this park…

Day at the Beach

16″ x 20″  Oil on canvas

I recently began experimenting with abstract paintings in oil and cold wax, and I’m very happy with the results.  I always strive toward more abstraction in my work, so I intend to do a lot more of these.

Rocky Surf

24″ x 36″  pastel on paper

This painting came from my head after visiting Stuart Beach near the House of Refuge, which you will see in the next painting! This painting is framed between two pieces of acrylic with brushed stainless offset bolts.

Gilbert's Bar

18″ x 24″  pastel on paper

This painting was inspired by the rocky coast by the House of Refuge on Stuart beach on the Treasure Coast of Florida.  The rocks are all coral formations, and it’s a great spot to stand and watch the waves come in.


12″ x 12″  Oil and cold wax on gallery-wrapped canvas

This was inspired by so many gardens.  Florida is abundantly green all year round.

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